What are RSS Feeds
RSS is a Web-based technology which enables users to subscribe to the content of a website - or parts thereof. Users no longer need to manually call up their favourite sites to see whether or not new posts have been made, but rather the latest information is automatically displayed in their RSS reader.

An RSS reader is integrated in most email clients.

The abbreviation RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

In order to subscribe to an RSS feed, you simply copy the link using the right mouse button or the browser's address bar and paste it into your RSS reader.

Our compensation office currently offers you the following RSS feed:

Viaduktstr. 42
4002 Basle
Telephone 061 285 22 22
Telefax 061 285 22 33
E-mail info.ak35@ak40.ch
Opening hours
08:30-11:45 13:30-16:30
Phone reception
07:45-12:00 13:30-17:00